Owyhee was the first county created in Idaho in 1863, during the heydays of the gold and silver rush. It’s the second largest county in Idaho, situated in the southwest, encompassing scenic mountains, desert canyons, historic Silver City, the Snake River. It’s ranching country - the Joyce Ranch was established in 1865 and still runs cattle on the ranges. It’s riding country. Saddle up your horse, bring your hat, and come experience the Owyhee wild country.
The artwork of Owyhee Designs reflect the colors and flavor of the Owyhee country. The barbed wire designs come from rusted Owyhee county barbed wire. The bracelet and necklace stones reflect the colors of the country: pink, rust, tan of the desert; magenta, plum, crimson of the rhyolite cliffs; green of the sagebrush; blue of the Snake River.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Owyhee Cheater

Wednesday February 25 2015

No, we're not talking a cheating partner. This kind of cheater you are happy to see in Owyhee. The little log-on-a-chain helps you open a tight barbed wire gate with leverage.

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  1. Es parecido a mi truco para cerrar una puerta de alambre, bien sea de espino ó lisos. Pero que es dificil de abri, como digo en mi articulo.
    Saludos de Gabriel desde España.